1. Ross

    Helicopter built in Besiege v0.01 (Surprisingly good!)

    The Da Vinci Dragon is the OPPOSITE of building with mods: I restricted myself to building in the spartan Besiege v0.01, AND I didn't use flying spirals. So the only airfoils left were the huge batwings, and propeller blades that couldn't be flipped. But don't be fooled by the Dragon's humble...
  2. Scop

    21 BOMB perfect fly DRONE designed for multiverse

    it's basically a drone with 21 shots or 20 shots and a kamikaze ending! except for the spy-cam's baloons the entire machine can fly over the freezing limit. campaign legal. Some statistics: SPEED 7/10 STABILITY 10/10 AMMO (bombs) 21 DIFFICULTY...
  3. CCCanyon

    Jump Quad 2 - Tail-Sitter VTOL

    Inspired by CUTANGUS's creations at deviantart, tail-sitter planes, and quadcopters like the Quadshot. Old Jump Quad Vertical take off. Horizontal flight. Vertical landing. Self stabilized VTOL mode. Easy to fly. Dual power x5.0 cannons. 188 Blocks. Ice-proof. Goes to self stabilized...
  4. L

    Easy to fly Quadcopter /W auto stabilisation

    Well... It's a quadcopter. It is very stable and and easy to fly. It is also very durable, you can fly with half of the rotors broken without a problem. Controls: - Arrows = Roll, Pitch - Z & X = Yaw - Left Shift & - Control. =Up & Down PS. Id like to see you guys weaponise this thing :D
  5. T

    Hi plizz check out my Quadracopter!!!

    please check out my quadracopter and leave thoughts so i can get better i have 250+ hours on besiege but i hav only now started with quadrotor helicopters Here is the Steamcomunity link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=743796623 feel free to edit my quad in any way
  6. Redstoneman

    A-99 Serpens Quad - Designated long-range sniper unit

    Successor to a highly experimental quadrotor, this sniper unit features long-distance flight capability, a powerful stabilized turret and motion-dampening rotors - a perfect sharpshooter blend. Controls: Special thanks to Neutex and CCCanyon for lending me two of their respective designs...