1. Ubus

    plane starts wobbeling in mid-air

    some of my creations just start bending and wobbeling a minute into flight, they get uncontrollable and crash. i dont know why, and need help, no video, because my upload speed is shit.
  2. WillPlayerBrasil

    how i put the besiege in other versions???

    spaar mod loader isn't working anymore, and i need to put the besiege in v0.45a to the mod loader work again, but how?
  3. P

    Friend cannot join my lobby

    Hey, last week, me and a friend played a bunch of multiverse together, but right now, he cannot connect to me when I'm hosting the lobby, but I can join his. The real problem in me joining his lobby instead is the low performance due to the fact that I have a gtx 1070 and he is currently playing...
  4. A

    No shadows, version 0.45 (No hardware limitations)

    Simple enough, no shadows in any level. That's all I've noticed so far. OS: Windows 10 Specs - Quad core i5 overclocked @ 4.3 Ghz Single GTX 1070 (8gb) 16 GB of RAM How the bug occurred - Just play the game in any way. Obviously, unless besiege is picky with CPU overclocks, there should be...
  5. Loshirai14

    Lag, FPS drops and Stuttering

    Ever since the 0.3 update, my game started to lag more and the stuttering/fps drops got worse. I can't even play with my old huge creations anymore that i was able to play before. Even at low speed, it lags so much. The game is starting to get unplayable for me. I'm using GTX 750 (oc) + i7-4790...
  6. JerryMcBerry

    HElp i cant upload anything to steam MAC Version!!!!! SOS

    HElp hlelp help HElp i cant upload anything to steam MAC Version!!!!! SOS