1. Ubus

    complex vanilla planes

    anyone into building planes in vanilla? If yes, feel free to talk about them and ask questions on this thread!
  2. Ubus

    how to build sturdy moving parts?

    i'm building planes with moving wingparts, placed on steering hinges. but every time i try to make stunts in the air, the hinge cant hold the force and breaks. is there a way to make almost rigid hinges?
  3. Vasily Degtyarev

    Vanilla aircraft FF-2 «Haon»

    ПЕРЕД НАЧАЛОМ МОДЕЛИРОВАНИЯ НАЖМИТЕ СМ. Я предлагаю вам полностью ванильный самолет -FF-2 «Haon». Я потратил много времени, пытаясь совместить минималистичный дизайн и функциональность. Я доволен результатом. Управление: • Управление полетом осуществляется по стрелкам (тангажу и рулону). •...
  4. TheHOTSHOT_101

    Aero Dynamic Propeller (angle fix)

    Can you guys help me, I've d been playing Beasiege for a long time but I'm always havign trouble to make the wing stable/ have the 0 degree angle of attack, so my question is what is the fixed angel of atttack of he "aero Dynamic Prop." I am using TGYD's building mod and I cant seems to have the...
  5. Tommaso Matteini

    Propeller Angle

    Hi everyone, it's my first post here, i'd like to know how to reduce to 0 the angle of attack of the propellers in besiege, is there a precise number to input or are there other ways? i saw several creations with that feature and i'd lie to use it for aircraft tail and control surface, thanks a lot!
  6. CCCanyon

    Random Girl From Disney's Planes: Fire & Rescue

    She's a random girl from Disney's CG movie --- Planes: Fire & Rescue Make: Piper PA-44 Seminole Inspired by Shadé's Dusty Warning: needs multiple skin packs accelerating will destroy the props if any lag happens Updated looking (2017/3/21) Looks gorgeous Flies smoothly Able to do some...