1. mohammad(asd)

    venom t22

    workshop link
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  3. mohammad(asd)

    Fokker dr 1

    Fokker dr 1 z = start engine arrow keys = controll plane 1 and 2 = drop bombs c = canons r and y = yaw f = camera DOWNLOAD =
  4. mohammad(asd)

    SU 25 tm

    z = start engine (hold) R and Y = yawing arrow keys = controll jet 1 = missiles 2 , 3 , 4 and 5 = drop bombs perion (.) and right alt = gear up and down hope you enjoy DOWNLOAD =
  5. mohammad(asd)

    MIG 23 (UPDATED)

    hi guys mig 23 a beautiful jet fighter in this project special tnx to KrautregenXD for help me in this project hope you enjoy this left shift : engine start z and x : speed up and down v and c : gear down and up arroy keys : controll jet fighter 4 AND 5 : ROCKETS 1 AND 2 AND 3 : BOMBS leave...
  6. CCCanyon

    Saab-CA-05 Kite, Supersonic Stealth Jet

    This is a fictional successor to the Saab-35 Draken. Supersonic (top speed 1800+m/s ~= Mach 5) Safely do full turns under Mach 4. Ice-proof. 177 Blocks. Recommended playing time scale 80%~100%. Controls: Arrow keys --- pitch and roll Left ctrl --- start engine Z, X --- ac/decelerate...
  7. CCCanyon

    CA-04 Skyhawk II, Supersonic Jet

    This is a fictional successor to Douglas A-4 Skyhawk. The freeze zone is covering the whole sandbox after the update. I'm forced to find a way to build ice-proof aircrafts. Supersonic (top speed 700m/s+ ~= over mach 2) Ice-proof. 172 Blocks. Controls: Arrow keys --- pitch and roll Left...
  8. CCCanyon

    SFP-V47 High-speed Fighter Bomber, Vanilla

    An attempt on a new airframe. Vanilla Ice-proof Fast (top speed 315m/s ~= Mach 0.9) Suspended retractable landind gears Variable pitch torqueless rotors Carries 4 bombs Dual x2.0-power cannons Well balanced Effective yaw 223 Blocks Control: Arrow keys --- pitch, roll L-alt, R-ctrl...
  9. CCCanyon

    CA-03 Stork

    A compound helicopter modeled after the aircraft in the CG animated movie Storks. It does not hover. Super easy to fly. 193 blocks. Ice-proof. Control: Right Ctrl --- toggle engine Right Shift --- steep descend Up --- go up Down --- go down Left --- turn left Right --- turn right F...
  10. CCCanyon

    CA-02 Jaeger

    Aimed to find a better airframe for two powerful submachine guns. The guns are closer to the fuselage than CA-01 Night Heron, so the stability when firing is much better. Inspired by BV P.195, a scale model of a fictional WWII fighter by @brandzai at Deviantart. Dual power x4.0 submachine guns...
  11. CCCanyon

    CA-01 Night Heron

    Based on McDonnell XP-67 Moonbat / Bat. I changed the configuration to install two powerful cannons in the nacelles. Color scheme of a night heron. Dual power x4.0 submachine guns. 228 Blocks Taxiing ability Controls: Flight: Arrow keys --- pitch and roll Left ctrl --- start engine Z...
  12. CCCanyon

    Yakovlev Yak9 WWII Fighter

    Russia's best fighter at that time. Dual power x3.0 cannons 197 Blocks Controls: Arrow keys --- pitch and roll Left ctrl --- start engine Z, X --- ac/decelerate C, V --- landing gears L-alt, R-ctrl --- yaw 1 2 3 --- cameras Shift --- cannons center keyboard control: R T Y...
  13. KrautregenXD

    Fokker E.III

    Hello again, I have build another plane, to be exact a Fokker E.III . made a timelapse and a showcase video of it on my channel. I've chosen this plane because first, I had it on my list and second, it's small which is good for a timelapse. Download...
  14. CCCanyon

    Blohm & Voss BV 141

    WWII German asymmetric reconnaissance aircraft. Well balanced Sweet handling Nice first person view 212 blocks Control: Arrow keys --- pitch and roll Left ctrl --- start engine Z, X --- ac/decelerate C, V --- landing gears L-alt, R-ctrl --- yaw 1 2 3 --- cameras (FPV, 3rd...
  15. CCCanyon

    McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II Rebuilt

    This creation is modified from Shadé's McDonnell Douglas F-4E Phantom II(Steam).//(spiderling) Aileron airbrakes 4 missiles Retractable suspended landing gears 220 Blocks, recommend running at 80% to 100% time speed Controls: Arrow keys --- pitch and roll Left ctrl --- start engine...
  16. Rincewind

    Bug with cannons mid air

    So i build, a jet that is carrying a gatling gun, that is supposed to fire one shoot at a time. it works fine as long as its on the ground and also works, if i shot the gun once before takeoff. But when i try to shoot the gun mid air, without shooting it prior on the ground, all gun barrels...
  17. CCCanyon

    High speed Fighter Bomber SFP-V30, Vanilla

    Vanilla Fast Easy to fly Great balance Ice-proof Block count 190 Retractable suspended landing gears Variable pitch propellers 4 bombs 2 power x2.0 cannons Effective yaw Controls: Arrow keys --- pitch and roll Q, E --- yaw Z, X --- variable thrust L-ctrl --- toggle engines C...
  18. CCCanyon

    S.E.5a WWI Fighter Biplane

    Flies slow and sweet Balanced Power 3.5 cannon Block count 219 Note: Gain speed with Z after took off it suddenly accelerates upon diving, be aware Controls: Arrow keys --- pitch and roll Q, E --- yaw L-ctrl --- toggle engine Z --- accelerate C --- cannon Steam...
  19. CCCanyon

    The Swallow-IV Stunt Plane

    Stunty Block count 133 Well balanced Effective yaw Retractable landing gears with suspensions Controls: Arrow keys --- pitch and roll Q, E --- yaw Left Ctrl --- toggle engine Z, X --- ac/deceleration C, V --- landing gears F, G --- cameras besiegedownloads Steam
  20. CCCanyon

    SFP-V25, Vanilla T Tail

    Easy to fly Fast Well balanced Block count 153 Suspended retractable landing gears Variable pitch engines Easy to land Vanilla Controls: Arrow keys --- pitch and roll Q, E --- yaw Z, X --- thrust Left ctrl --- toggle engine C, V --- landing gears Steam besiegedownloads