1. Ross

    Building a plane in v0.01!

    I downloaded Besiege v0.01, the very first version, and built the best airplane I could in it. The result is a plane that's surprisingly useful in small levels that require precise maneuvering, and also good for sightseeing in new maps. Since I actually built it in the first version, and it...
  2. Ubus

    plane starts wobbeling in mid-air

    some of my creations just start bending and wobbeling a minute into flight, they get uncontrollable and crash. i dont know why, and need help, no video, because my upload speed is shit.
  3. Ross

    6 Block Airplane, built with the new tools!

    I'm really loving the new building tools, and I finally put the to good use! I happily introduce the 6 Block Clover. Its unique flying character takes practice, but it should be fun once you get the hang of it! Steam Workshop:
  4. CCCanyon

    Douglas A2D Skyshark

    Shade's building something. That plane is a good choice, which makes me to build something similar. Folding wings Variable pitch coaxial propeller enigne 291 blocks Two AoE bombs Easy to fly, easy to land Control: Flight: R T Y F G H --- pitch, roll, yaw L-Ctrl --- start engine X, Z ---...
  5. CCCanyon

    Junkers JU 87 B-2 Stuka Deluxe

    The deluxe big Stuka with details, Luftwaffe insignia and swastika. 349 blocks Dual power x7 canons Large AoE Bomb Control: Flight: R T Y F G H --- pitch, roll, yaw L-Ctrl --- start engine X, Z --- ac/decelerate Cams & Weapon: 1 2 / 4 5 --- cameras B --- bomb U--- guns, single shot...
  6. CCCanyon

    Junkers JU 87 Stuka

    There's a upcoming Shadé video that has lots of Stukas. I participated the collaboration but this is not one of them. It's the second Stuka I built just for fun. Thanks to VermilionBoulderIndividual for recording an arch fly through trial. 230 blocks Dual power x5 canons Large AoE Bomb...
  7. CCCanyon

    GDI V-35 Ox --- C&C3 Tiberium Wars

    I was so bored I futher asked Shadé if there's anything I can build for the video. I chose the transport VTOL plane V-35 Ox, and of course something it can carry, the Guardian APC. The Plane is stable and easy to fly. Like the Orca, I took many details from concept arts instead of the low-poly...
  8. CCCanyon

    MiG - 41 Firefly Stealth Jet --- PvP Agility

    I rebuilt my old MiG-41 Firefly, with better block count, maneuverability, and a x4.0 cannon that can be fired at any speed. Inspired by the artist impression MiG-41 Firefly[] by ABiator[]. 214 blocks PvP ready Good handling that feels just right...
  9. CCCanyon

    CA-20 Marcy --- PvP Fighter Jet

    It's inspired by Saab 39 Gripen. Named as a tuxedo cat. Thanks to test pilot VermilionBoulderIndividual (aka. Redstoneman) for performance tuning feed back. 184 Low block count Super agile Effective yaw Power 4.0 Cannon Ice-proof Looks nice Control: Flight: R T Y F G H --- pitch, roll...
  10. CCCanyon

    Reddit Contest #69, Aerial Refueling

    These seaplanes were built for Reddit contest #69 The contest's prize is a 10 USD game on Steam. Because I'm not interested in any other games, I'll buy Blitsplatapus[']], a brilliant tank builder Besiege if I win. And that's why I named the planes "Blits" and "Platapus"...
  11. CCCanyon

    SFP-V64 Sphinx, Vanilla Fighter Bomber

    The successor to the SFP-V47. I redesigned the engines and the bomb bay. The aileron RTC control is a modified version from Brooka's Adder, which is really compact. Vanilla Ice-proof Fast (top speed 400m/s ~= Mach 1.1) Suspended retractable landind gears Variable pitch torqueless rotors...
  12. CCCanyon

    CA-08 Jaeger II

    This machine is an improved rebuild of the CA-02 Jaeger. It has fewer blocks and stronger guns, and ice-proof capability. 195 blocks Ice-proof Dual power x5.0 sub machine guns Retractable landing gears Controls: Flight: R T Y F G H --- pitch, roll, yaw Left ctrl --- start engine X, Z...
  13. CCCanyon

    Boeing X-32 VTOL, JSF Contest Loser

    Realistic (proportionally accurate) VTOL and tough lading gears (invisible) Easy to fly Low block count (151) Power x2.5 gun in the mouth No auto hovering (VTOL requires constant corrections) Controls: Z, X --- throttle, brake Arrow keys / TFGH --- roll and pitch R, Y --- yaw Left Ctrl...
  14. CCCanyon

    Vanilla Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey

    This is a vanilla build, I used the 0.125 placement and the fps collision glitch for this build. The video is a proof of it built without mod. Skip to the end to see it flies. Realistic (proportionally accurate) Vanilla (no mod used) 311 blocks, recommended time speed 60%~80% Vertical takeoff...
  15. CashAkDude

    F-24 Fighter Jet

    This is my newest jet, the F-24. --Controls-- Roll-F/H Pitch-T/G (Yaw not implemented) Landing Gear-N/M Cameras Cockpit-1 Third Person-2 Landing Gear-3 Facing Plane-4 Missiles Left-5 Right-6 Crossbow Machine Guns-(,) to fire <INFINITE AMMO RECOMMENDED> Mods Required to run Vector...
  16. CCCanyon

    A Vanilla Biplane, and a video of vanilla building techniques

    An easy-to-fly slow little plane. This is a rebuilt from the tut vid, since the original one was lost. I used 0.125 placement and frame rate collision glitch while building. 169 blocks Flies slow and steady Dual power 2.0 cannons Control: Arrow keys --- pitch and roll L-ctrl --- engine...
  17. mohammad(asd)

    AVRO 730 Strategic Bomber

    developed by Avro Aircraft for the Royal Air Force (RAF). It had been originally envisioned as a very high-speed aircraft to perform aerial reconnaissance missions, conforming with the requirements of Air Ministry Specification OR.330. Avro subsequently decided to modify the design of the...
  18. CCCanyon

    SFP - V60 for Contest #62, Reddit

    I built this flying block powered plane for the contest. Vanilla 106 blocks lag-free Easy to fly and well balanced Control: Arrow UP: Engines Forward - Y - G H J --- pitch and roll Also available at: Steam besiegedownloads
  19. mohammad(asd)

    XP 79

    The Northrop XP-79 was an ambitious design for a flying wing fighter aircraft, designed by Northrop. It had several notable design features; among these, the pilot would operate the aircraft from a lying position, permitting the pilot to withstand much greater g-forces in the upward and downward...
  20. mohammad(asd)

    XR 92 A

    The Convair XF-92 (originally designated XP-92) was an early American delta-wing aircraft. Originally conceived as a point-defense interceptor, the design was later used purely for experimental purposes controlls and download link = WORKSHOP