1. mohammad(asd)

    venom t22

    workshop link
  2. mohammad(asd)

    MIG 23 (UPDATED)

    hi guys mig 23 a beautiful jet fighter in this project special tnx to KrautregenXD for help me in this project hope you enjoy this left shift : engine start z and x : speed up and down v and c : gear down and up arroy keys : controll jet fighter 4 AND 5 : ROCKETS 1 AND 2 AND 3 : BOMBS leave...
  3. mohammad(asd)

    bomber plane b-x23

    hi guys i have one bomber and badest desgin in the world :D hope you enjoy this z and x : speed up and down num pad 1 , 2 ,3 ,4, 5 : drop bombs arrow keys :controll jet c and v: gear up and down left shift and left crtl : engine start and off enjoy !!
  4. E

    Questions on Motor wheel

    hello there! im new at game and forum. i couldnt find any info about advanced options on motor wheels. what does 'toggle mode' means? what is automatic? if there is any site or page or even a video can you suggest it or can you tell me about them. thanks!