1. DenKo

    Second idea for new block

    My second idea for new block.Say at once I know that there is such a mod,but he working not such a good.Well this block will be working like a turret and he can rotate to the cursor,problem of the current fashion is that he rotating only on 1 axis,block of my idea will rotate on 2 axes Well,I...
  2. DenKo

    Ability to create your own blocks

    Hello everyone.Today i will told you all my own idea.Mb somebody thought already about it,but i hope its only my idea.So what is this idea?It create your own blocks,BUT not new blocks but from existing ones.Explain:we are have all blocks,but sometimes we need to create for example suspension or...
  3. VapeL

    Editing Mods

    So I installed a mod and went into the Besiege files to edit the mod.. But I can't. The config files don't do anything, and the thumbnails and data obviously don't do anything either. I looked in every file that I thought would be worth looking into, but I couldn't find a way to edit the mod...
  4. Tommaso Matteini

    warped brace

    I came back to besiege after a year or so, and now i'm struggling again with brace warping :D i need help: i've seen a lot of machine with very precisely warped brace and i can't figure out the calculations to warp them my self. I attached a picture to better explain my problem, in that picture...
  5. creapygamer

    I need some help with the mods from the workshop

    the last time i played besiege it didn't have an official modloader and its been over a year or two since i last played so now i have no idea how to use the mods in the workshop... i subscribed to the mods and they downloaded but i have no idea how to get them to work. they are downloaded but...
  6. EatThatPie

    A "vanilla" tag for machines in the workshop

    Im one of the guys that is more impressed with a 100% vanilla working 4-legged walker than a gigantic multiple-joint mech from pacific rim if its made with mods. This is why I want a "vanilla" tag for machines in the workshop. I dont think you should be able to select this tag youself. (because...
  7. Q

    Some issues

    1. Slider block cant be set in opened positшon in building mode, instead of piston block. 2. I noticed that in latest version it is possible to setup different keys (not only one as in old versions) for some blocks in block settings. But it not working when the block has more than one...
  8. B

    We need better sound!

    Besiege is awfully quite... we need to make a sound mod for the engines. I know it might hurt the feeling of the game, maybe... but so many things can be so much better with better sounds that come when specific parts do specific actions. Maybe it would even be possible to match sounds to skins...
  9. N

    mod request

    i simply wish to change the length of a extended piston. so like a slider in their menu or something that would change how far the piston extended
  10. D

    help finding mod

    iv seen draegast use a mod witch allows him to load different maps. i need helpfinding it.
  11. CashAkDude

    F-24 Fighter Jet

    This is my newest jet, the F-24. --Controls-- Roll-F/H Pitch-T/G (Yaw not implemented) Landing Gear-N/M Cameras Cockpit-1 Third Person-2 Landing Gear-3 Facing Plane-4 Missiles Left-5 Right-6 Crossbow Machine Guns-(,) to fire <INFINITE AMMO RECOMMENDED> Mods Required to run Vector...
  12. that_besirge_dude

    still cant use mods

    i give up. i do. i cant do this shit, could somebody somehow do it for me because im fucking done.
  13. X

    Older mods on new besiege

    is it possible to use older mods for besiege v0.42b?
  14. E

    Need help finding mod

    I am looking for a mod that lets me place two different creations at the same time. I have seen Dreagast use it a lot so I know it exists
  15. Signur

    Weird bug with round armor plate when resizing

    Hi guys, i noticed a strange bug. when resizing a round armor plate that is on a wheel, if the sliders are set to 1.3 or above, it won't stick anymore.
  16. malandragem

    harpon mod

    personal hello forum I have an idea for a mod that adds a cannon that launches a harpoon it would be possible to pull the missile could be a one square green ball finally I believe that this would facilitate see many players
  17. 333akram333

    idea for blocks modding!

    Sorry I do not speak English I use Google translate:( I've got an idea for a blocks modding !;) Can you make block make soldiers Fighting enemy soldiers With you?:eek::eek:
  18. Sicarius236

    What happened to my mods?

    I was playing Besiege with my mods on with no problem during the afternoon, but when I got home at night yesterday and opened Besiege, the mods were gone. I didn't change the settings or anything, and I don't think the game updated or anything since there's no news posted on steam? I checked my...