1. VapeL

    Editing Mods

    So I installed a mod and went into the Besiege files to edit the mod.. But I can't. The config files don't do anything, and the thumbnails and data obviously don't do anything either. I looked in every file that I thought would be worth looking into, but I couldn't find a way to edit the mod...
  2. G

    Spaar's mod loader is apparently not getting updated anymore

    Spaar said, that he is now in an university I think that's the reason why the mod loader isn't getting updated, we need a new mod loader or somebody who updates the old one
  3. Cristagolem

    [WIP] More Bombs For Besiege (Mod)

    this mod will add to the game more bombs, that include: it will be a bit, cause i'm new to the modding, i will like advice 'bout to program mod more easy(with "more easy" i specify i know to program but i don't know to compile) i hope you'll all like, and i want to say my next mod next to...
  4. Cristagolem

    Ideas for a mod?

    Hi! I'm a new mod developer here and i searching ideas for a mod, please not too hard to make, i'm new to the place, thanks for reading(idea author will be mentioned)
  5. N

    mod request

    i simply wish to change the length of a extended piston. so like a slider in their menu or something that would change how far the piston extended
  6. B

    Will Spiderling ever allow mods to the Steam Workshop?

    It would be easier if we just did one click on a button and a mod is installed.
  7. N

    Where can i find new maps?

    I always see people using this desert map, but i cant find any downloads or any mention of a mod.
  8. TheHOTSHOT_101

    Aero Dynamic Propeller (angle fix)

    Can you guys help me, I've d been playing Beasiege for a long time but I'm always havign trouble to make the wing stable/ have the 0 degree angle of attack, so my question is what is the fixed angel of atttack of he "aero Dynamic Prop." I am using TGYD's building mod and I cant seems to have the...
  9. magictgboy

    Editing The Besiege Sandbox Map With Unity

    *OK, yes i know this is a little bit much but just hear me out...* I was looking into using unity to edit the besiege map, now this would not only add on to a "level editor" but it would also be a great new mod thing for the modding part of this form. I don't know if this is even possible but...
  10. 333akram333

    idea for blocks modding!

    Sorry I do not speak English I use Google translate:( I've got an idea for a blocks modding !;) Can you make block make soldiers Fighting enemy soldiers With you?:eek::eek: