1. C

    Is there a way to spawn more than one creation by yourself?

    I've seen videos on Youtube, of someone flying a plane and shooting it down with another creation. Is it possible to do this without mods? If not, which mods would be preferred to do so.
  2. VapeL

    Editing Mods

    So I installed a mod and went into the Besiege files to edit the mod.. But I can't. The config files don't do anything, and the thumbnails and data obviously don't do anything either. I looked in every file that I thought would be worth looking into, but I couldn't find a way to edit the mod...
  3. G

    Spaar's mod loader is apparently not getting updated anymore

    Spaar said, that he is now in an university I think that's the reason why the mod loader isn't getting updated, we need a new mod loader or somebody who updates the old one
  4. Cristagolem

    [WIP] More Bombs For Besiege (Mod)

    this mod will add to the game more bombs, that include: it will be a bit, cause i'm new to the modding, i will like advice 'bout to program mod more easy(with "more easy" i specify i know to program but i don't know to compile) i hope you'll all like, and i want to say my next mod next to...
  5. Cristagolem

    Ideas for a mod?

    Hi! I'm a new mod developer here and i searching ideas for a mod, please not too hard to make, i'm new to the place, thanks for reading(idea author will be mentioned)
  6. N

    mod request

    i simply wish to change the length of a extended piston. so like a slider in their menu or something that would change how far the piston extended
  7. B

    Will Spiderling ever allow mods to the Steam Workshop?

    It would be easier if we just did one click on a button and a mod is installed.
  8. N

    Where can i find new maps?

    I always see people using this desert map, but i cant find any downloads or any mention of a mod.
  9. TheHOTSHOT_101

    Aero Dynamic Propeller (angle fix)

    Can you guys help me, I've d been playing Beasiege for a long time but I'm always havign trouble to make the wing stable/ have the 0 degree angle of attack, so my question is what is the fixed angel of atttack of he "aero Dynamic Prop." I am using TGYD's building mod and I cant seems to have the...
  10. magictgboy

    Editing The Besiege Sandbox Map With Unity

    *OK, yes i know this is a little bit much but just hear me out...* I was looking into using unity to edit the besiege map, now this would not only add on to a "level editor" but it would also be a great new mod thing for the modding part of this form. I don't know if this is even possible but...
  11. 333akram333

    idea for blocks modding!

    Sorry I do not speak English I use Google translate:( I've got an idea for a blocks modding !;) Can you make block make soldiers Fighting enemy soldiers With you?:eek::eek: