1. wang_w571

    Super Simple Click On Explosion Mod[and Tutorial][0.32]

    Meow this is more like a tutorial(in chinese) rather just a mod I will upgrade this mod in the future but the code's comment will not be update :S Hold Ctrl and click to deploy single bombs Hold Shift and Hold Mouse to continuous deploy bombs Code is here
  2. D

    [Mod Request] Internal Gears

    I could do with some for tank turret rings and other useful applications if possible.
  3. H

    can anyone make ammo(cartridge) case mod?

    I think it would be great to make ammo case block. Propel anything putted on it's tip, when primed by shock or heat. With adjustable scale, propelent, and recoil. And can select priming stimulus between heat and shock.
  4. wasdlucas

    Bug with mods.

    Hi! I've downloaded some mods, and all of it were working, then one day i've opened besiege and all my mods are gone. i can't acess the console, all my mods still are in the foulder. If someone can help me, or, send me a link to the updated modloader, i'll appreciate. Thanks for reading!:D...
  5. Lench

    Easy Scale Mod [Besiege v0.45 - v0.60+]

    This simple mod allows you to quickly scale already placed blocks with sliders. Hold down Left Shift to move the sliders by 0.1 instead of 0.01. Hold down Z to move all scale sliders together. Key bindings can be changed with Ctrl+J. Includes a linkage fix for braces, which is disabled by...
  6. F

    Cannon recoil control for v0.3 ???

    Hi. Since the unlimited cannon god mod was implemented to the game the unlimited cannon mod for spaar modloader wasn't updated. As far as I remember the mod allowed to control the recoil of the cannon. Now is there a mod to control the cannon recoil, (back push force) in v0.3??
  7. minecraft2042


    hi i need to now what is name of that mod that you can strach and resize blocks in besiege plzz tell meee:):):):):):):):)
  8. Lench

    ACM - Advanced Controls Mod [Besiege v0.45]

    ACM allows you to control blocks in many new ways, including with controller or joystick and mouse. It introduces analog input for most blocks in game and enables control of slider values while simulating. Features Input axes include controller or joystick axes and two key axes...
  9. Letum

    Besiege Scripting Mod v.0.1.4 [spaarsModLoader v.1.4.1] [Besiege v.0.3]

    Greetings everyone! A few of you might still know me, as I worked for a short time on the modloader. I've been working on this though for the last couple of weeks and I'm pretty happy with what it is right now. This mod let's you write Scripts for Besiege in multiple languages, namely CSharp...
  10. Lench

    Lench Scripter Mod [Besiege v0.42]

    This mod enables you to control your Besiege machine with Python 2.7/3.0 scripts. Changing sliders or toggles and triggering actions allows you to create controllers, stabilizers, autopilots or anything you can dream up to guide your machines. NOTE: This mod requires some basic programming...