1. MasterHunter

    When's mod loader getting an update?

    I've tried to install the latest mod loader version, but it doesn't work with the current version of besiege. So... what gives? I had to go back an update to install the mod loader.
  2. H

    A Multiverse Switch to Allow Only Vanilla Machines

    I'm not a huge fan of modded machines. I mean, there are lots of beautiful modded machines out there, but when someone shows up in a multiverse server that is supposed to be "vanilla" with a 1000 power cannon, a negative power vacuum, or a bomb twice as large as the original one, it's kind of...
  3. ITR

    AntiFire Mod

    Put in mods folder for no catching stuff on fire. Disable mod and reload machine to make stuff catch on fire
  4. Cristagolem

    [WIP] More Bombs For Besiege (Mod)

    this mod will add to the game more bombs, that include: it will be a bit, cause i'm new to the modding, i will like advice 'bout to program mod more easy(with "more easy" i specify i know to program but i don't know to compile) i hope you'll all like, and i want to say my next mod next to...
  5. TheBesiegeEngineer

    what coding language(es) would i have to learn to mod besiege?

    hopefully its simple like javascript or something but javascript is limited so probably not if its c# then i guess i could still learn it online and i have a book on it somewhere but yeah hopefully i can learn it relatively quickly lol
  6. W

    Where can i find new maps?

    I saw a youtuber (draegast) test machines on maps i haven't seen (and yes ive tried googleing it)
  7. S

    Where can I find modded blocks?

    I can't find any more modded blocks, I always find laser, automatron, etc. Can someone please send me some???
  8. N

    Mod Request, Hydraulics !

    Hi pals and modders , id like to request a mod for besiege 0.45 if possible im new here so im sorry if i do something wrong. Id like to request a mod , kind of like Hydraulics, or a block that can extend and subtract while holding a button, something like a piston , but the piston has...
  9. ITR

    NoteMod 2

    A lot of thanks to AvarethTaika for providing sounds, StuChris for providing models+textures for the Logic Block and the NoteBlock, and Eriyo2000 for additional input on models! NB: Needs more stuff! Post below or message me on Discord if you wanna help! This mod allows you to create...
  10. Tetuminus

    just an idea, stabalizer

    modder plz make a stabalazier plz plz plz. btw a love the besiege comunity btw my englich suck btw i am from sweden btw bye btw bye bye bye bye bye bye
  11. E

    Need help finding mod

    I am looking for a mod that lets me place two different creations at the same time. I have seen Dreagast use it a lot so I know it exists
  12. wang_w571

    Improved Laser Emitter Mod[ID:577][0.42B]

    Improved from @Pixali 's code(His Github) Code Page Provides Abilities Below: Ignition(Seems not working on knights, not sure) Freeze(Only things that can freeze will freeze) Add Force Explosion(With some sort of charging effect) Provides settings below: Focus(Multiply this with the width...
  13. ITR

    Simple Collider Displayer Mod [0.42+]

    Update: Made it display colliders longer + you can now press ctrl+C on some specific gameobject to show it's collider Update: Made sure it didn't leave stuff for long after deleting blocks. Fixed not applying options to new blocks placed. Update: Fixed colliders sometimes not displaying when...
  14. ITR

    Variable Weight Block [ID:228]

    Adds a block that can vary in weight, making some fancy sorts of automation possible: To install, extract the zip into your "Mods" folder, and merge folders if needed
  15. Yuri

    Super simple keep upright system

    i like to think i discovered this as noone else seems to use it install no bounds and [optional] simple scale mods first build your contraption then put baloons on the higest points and underneath second shrink the baloons[optional] set the top baloons to something like bouyancy 40 string...
  16. G

    Gaxx Tower Defense Level 1: Sky Pirates

    "Sky Pirates have been spotted over the peasant village! Shoot them down before they destroy the tower or escape over the hills." Mini game Win condition: Destroy the pirate ship. It's considered destroyed when it stops shooting. Lose condition A: Center tower is destroyed Lose condition B...
  17. Hyso2246

    I'm another noob having problem with mod -.- (building tools)

    Please if someone read this help me... 2 days ago, i tried to install the "building tools" mod... i knew that my mod loader was working because i already installed some other mods like no bounds and easy scale but with building tools i have some problem... first, i can't select any of what's in...
  18. wasdlucas

    where's the rocket thruster mod?

    i can't find it, someone send me a link plz.
  19. Lench

    Better COM Mod [Besiege v0.4]

    This small mod changes how center-of-mass is displayed in game. Additionally, it displays total machine mass and updates COM on every ballast mass change to make fine-tuning faster and easier. >> DOWNLOAD << Requires Spaar's Mod Loader. View source code on GitHub.
  20. TheHOTSHOT_101

    Steering block Modification Request

    Hello, I would like to have the : "steering block" have optional "limit angle" button like the "steering hinge block", if there already a block/mod for it please give me a link, thank you