mod requests

  1. C

    Is there a way to spawn more than one creation by yourself?

    I've seen videos on Youtube, of someone flying a plane and shooting it down with another creation. Is it possible to do this without mods? If not, which mods would be preferred to do so.
  2. Cristagolem

    Ideas for a mod?

    Hi! I'm a new mod developer here and i searching ideas for a mod, please not too hard to make, i'm new to the place, thanks for reading(idea author will be mentioned)
  3. N

    mod request

    i simply wish to change the length of a extended piston. so like a slider in their menu or something that would change how far the piston extended
  4. Tetuminus

    just an idea, stabalizer

    modder plz make a stabalazier plz plz plz. btw a love the besiege comunity btw my englich suck btw i am from sweden btw bye btw bye bye bye bye bye bye
  5. K

    Mod Idea :Mass editing

    Hello everyone !! I don't know if a mod like that already exists but i would be cool to have a mod that let us edit the mass of any block :)
  6. L

    [SOLVED] *Mod reguest* Throttle mod [SOLVED]

    I got an idea today. Why there isnt a mod that allows you to add or decrease slider values on creation like the throttle option in vector thrusters mod expample car is stopped, pressing up arrow it starts to move. longer i would press it faster it would go when i let go it still would drive the...
  7. Deadly Dragon

    Mod Request

    A Missile Mod with missiles that lock on to a selected target and they explode on contact. (i know there is one but its for an older version of besiege) (btw, this is my first post) Surprise me with something like that
  8. G

    Counter block + conditional triggers

    One of the biggest problems in Besiege is the fact that it requires so many buttons. If you build a machine that has several cannons/bombs/missiles that you want to fire in sequence, you need a separate button for each. This could be solved with 2 blocks. A) Counter Block: The counter block...
  9. TheHOTSHOT_101

    Steering block Modification Request

    Hello, I would like to have the : "steering block" have optional "limit angle" button like the "steering hinge block", if there already a block/mod for it please give me a link, thank you
  10. B

    Mod Request

    I would like to order a new mod fresh and straight from the kitchens of the wonderful minds of the Besiege modders please! It would be a mod that lets a motor wheel slowly gain speed as it was being powered, instead of having it's usual boring speed. This would be cool for cars because the car...