1. Ross

    Beating Besiege with One Block?!

    Well, not quite all the zones, but more than you might expect. And the machine I'm posting here is the one that put my one block run over the top! I figured out that, if you adjust the scaling and power of a water cannon, it's actually possible to drive it in a somewhat controlled way. I...
  2. Ross

    6 Block Airplane, built with the new tools!

    I'm really loving the new building tools, and I finally put the to good use! I happily introduce the 6 Block Clover. Its unique flying character takes practice, but it should be fun once you get the hang of it! Steam Workshop:
  3. Ross

    I finally made a video for the new zones!

    After a lot of procrastination, I finally got it together to make a video for the new zones in Valfross! Although it took a while, I think it turned out well. And I even introduce a few new machines in it. Please let me know what you think!