1. blitsplatapus (Tankerman)

    Besiege MURW-Mk1

    The MURW or "Multi-Role Walker" was the only bipedal Mech I've made with a Single-key to go forward because making a single-key walking mechanism was really hard and complex, So what does this Mech have? it has Two Vacuum Missiles for killing Fully Armoured tanks, and a Dual-Crossbow Machine...
  2. blitsplatapus (Tankerman)

    Besiege AIO-130 ADVar1

    It is just an experimental for my new tank with the overflow vacuum glitch system which you notice it from the Zephyr II and Variant 1, the power of the gun was only x90.00 but still the one terrifying can for a tank, I've planned to some two Vacuum Missile on it, But it makes the turret heavy...