1. Q

    Ballast's center of mass is displayed wrong

    It's actually in the center of block, not on the side (as displayed by the COM button)
  2. EatThatPie

    Besiege: Weight(Mass) Chart

    I made a scale using a ballast and a hinge, and I decided to weigh every item in the game. Some of them are actually kind of surprising... (Listed in order of which they are found in-game) =======ITEM=======MASS======= CATEGORY: Blocks Small Wooden Block: 0.285 Wooden Block: 0.595 Log Block...
  3. ITR

    Variable Weight Block [ID:228]

    Adds a block that can vary in weight, making some fancy sorts of automation possible: To install, extract the zip into your "Mods" folder, and merge folders if needed
  4. Lench

    Better COM Mod [Besiege v0.4]

    This small mod changes how center-of-mass is displayed in game. Additionally, it displays total machine mass and updates COM on every ballast mass change to make fine-tuning faster and easier. >> DOWNLOAD << Requires Spaar's Mod Loader. View source code on GitHub.