1. TomGames Channel

    More multiplayer & level editor features , visual effects

    Heres my list of ideas (I was just building a map and they just appeared) Custom map background music Map voting in multiplayer - the host can choose 3 maps, and the players can vote for 1 of the 3 maps, something like in Team Fortress 2 (this could be good for when you leave your pc running...
  2. Frostbite-SIEGE

    Multiple map sizes for MV maps!

    The current MV map (2k by 2k) is too small. Not for levels but for pvp etc. I am aware of the custom scene mod, however it has too many problems (cannonballs disappearing, console errors, not having a border at all) to be an acceptable fix. Even being able to choose between the 2k^2 and 4k^2 map...
  3. RasselSSX

    The MultiTest Map

    Hi everyone: This level comes with many ways to see if your land vehicle needs some upgrades in certent types of aspects. The map features 8 major Test Zones: ·Climb Test: The zone consists of 4 different ramps placed at different inclines (20º-30º-40º-50º)...
  4. WillPlayerBrasil

    Possibility to use cannons of the level 9 on multiverse maps

    Having the possibility of placing the cannons of level 9 (Ipsilon) and being able to modify the power of this weapon would make the maps of the multiverse much more challenging. (Please place the cannons, it will be much more fun).
  5. Anadoptedson

    Map editor suggestions

    - Invisible/translucent color options I have many more and will add to this when they come back to me but feel free to add onto this!
  6. Anadoptedson

    [1v1] [2v2] Besiege Rocket League
  7. Anadoptedson

    Updating Map on workshop Taking away all tags.

    When I updated a map I didn't realize it would need me to re click the tags. After seeing it didn't have any, I went back to update again. When I update and have the tags clicked, it says finished and takes me to the page, however it does not have any tags besides levels. I tried changing the...