1. Z

    Is there any way to remove the ice effect?

    About 1650m up in the sky, there is a barrier that will completely freeze the parts of your machine, destroying it instantly. This is annoying when I'm working on flying machines, I'm wondering if there's any way to remove it? Thanks.
  2. RasselSSX

    MultiTest Map Simplified

    This is a much more simple version of the original MultiTest Map. I made this for slow Pcs to play at 60 FPS. The Map is exactly the same but with no unecessary vegetation The item count has been reduced from 3044 objects to 1127. Thank you very much for playing! Simplified MultiTest Map...
  3. RasselSSX

    The MultiTest Map

    Hi everyone: This level comes with many ways to see if your land vehicle needs some upgrades in certent types of aspects. The map features 8 major Test Zones: ·Climb Test: The zone consists of 4 different ramps placed at different inclines (20º-30º-40º-50º)...
  4. blitsplatapus (Tankerman)

    Why we don't have a water level or water sandbox in besiege?

    Why we don't have a water level or water sandbox in besiege?
  5. Ross

    Color saturation option, Snowy mountain ranges

    Right now, you can adjust the hue of a hill or basic shape, but not the color saturation. It may seem like a small detail, but if you want to add terrain to a sunny Ipsilon environment, there's no way to make the hills blend in with the white ground. EDIT: I figured out that it can be done...
  6. Ubus

    Sailing competition!

    A new watermod!!!! and with it a new iteration of the sailing competition! the rules are simple: build a ship with at least two sails, use it to sail on a map with global wind, wind strength: mass 10/force 20, no mod blocks, no negative values, no motors, ballons are allowed. post a link to...