level editor

  1. RasselSSX

    MultiTest Map Simplified

    This is a much more simple version of the original MultiTest Map. I made this for slow Pcs to play at 60 FPS. The Map is exactly the same but with no unecessary vegetation The item count has been reduced from 3044 objects to 1127. Thank you very much for playing! Simplified MultiTest Map...
  2. RasselSSX

    The MultiTest Map

    Hi everyone: This level comes with many ways to see if your land vehicle needs some upgrades in certent types of aspects. The map features 8 major Test Zones: ·Climb Test: The zone consists of 4 different ramps placed at different inclines (20º-30º-40º-50º)...
  3. RasselSSX

    More Meshes, Objects and decals for the Level Editor

    For the past 3 days i have been creating a new testing map for besiege that is huge, it has a lot of stuff on it, but the more i build, the more repetitive is the level. I have tried to use all the types of rocks, vegetation, buildings, fences... and its not hard to see many reps... what i see...
  4. C

    Level editor/ multiverse bug

    Dear besiege developers, while building the besiege map creators city sandbox, i stumbled upon a bug: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1379519941 Btw: i this the only way to report bugs? Reporting on the steam thread didn't seem that effective.
  5. svetli97

    How do I select multiple objects in the level editor?

    I hope I'm asking at the right place. I couldn't find it in the key bindings or anywhere in this forum.