1. TheBesiegeEngineer

    TBASF (The Besiege Allied Space Fleet): First Generation!

    Here are the first ships to be constructed for the TBASF for defense, exploration, and supply purposes. All ships follow one simple control scheme based on a QWERTY keyboard: [R][T][Y] [F][G][H] : Manuevering [/][,][N][V]['][L]: Turn weapons on/off [RShift][.][M][Enter][;]: Fire weapons (hold...
  2. wang_w571

    Improved Laser Emitter Mod[ID:577][0.42B]

    Improved from @Pixali 's code(His Github) Code Page Provides Abilities Below: Ignition(Seems not working on knights, not sure) Freeze(Only things that can freeze will freeze) Add Force Explosion(With some sort of charging effect) Provides settings below: Focus(Multiply this with the width...