1. Ross

    Glitches: Zone 50, Vacuum, Flying Spiral

    In Zone 50 Ambush, an enemy falls off the top ledge and onto the ground at the start of the simulation. I show this at 4:42 in the first video. The vacuum stops working if an object it's attracting disappears. I demo this at 5:09 in the first video. If you stop holding the flying spiral...
  2. E

    Running Slow

    Hi, I used to play this game in 2015/16 and have just re-downloaded it today. The game is running extremely slowly, at what feels like 1-2 FPS on every screen (loading, menu, options, etc) and it's quite unplayable like this. I had high framerate and no issues when I used to play in 2015/16...
  3. P

    Friend cannot join my lobby

    Hey, last week, me and a friend played a bunch of multiverse together, but right now, he cannot connect to me when I'm hosting the lobby, but I can join his. The real problem in me joining his lobby instead is the low performance due to the fact that I have a gtx 1070 and he is currently playing...
  4. L

    GPU(RX 480) Load at 0% , Besiege using Intel HD

    Hi, When I am starting the game i have below 1 FPS and cant do anything. My GPU load is at 0. Any ideas? Important Specs: RX 480 4 GB i5 4670K(4,1 GHz) 16 GB RAM
  5. Loshirai14

    Lag, FPS drops and Stuttering

    Ever since the 0.3 update, my game started to lag more and the stuttering/fps drops got worse. I can't even play with my old huge creations anymore that i was able to play before. Even at low speed, it lags so much. The game is starting to get unplayable for me. I'm using GTX 750 (oc) + i7-4790...
  6. O

    Getting really low fps with a good pc?

    For some reason, my besiege gets less than 5 fps with creations that are only 1 block, i have to run the game in 20% slow mo. What should I do?