1. Louis

    Crashing instantly on startup.

    When i load up Besiege (on Steam) it goes onto a black screen and instantly crashes, i have tried validating game files, opening from the files, uninstalling and reinstalling the game and updating my drivers, it was fine up until the multiverse update. Any ideas?

    Exploding issue with grabbers

    I have been having a very ennoying issue with machines using grabbers lately. When it happens: The machines use grabbers to hold things in place and function as the structure of the machine. (Pretty strong structures) When forces are applied to the grabbers or the rest of the structure, the...
  3. A

    No shadows, version 0.45 (No hardware limitations)

    Simple enough, no shadows in any level. That's all I've noticed so far. OS: Windows 10 Specs - Quad core i5 overclocked @ 4.3 Ghz Single GTX 1070 (8gb) 16 GB of RAM How the bug occurred - Just play the game in any way. Obviously, unless besiege is picky with CPU overclocks, there should be...

    Performance issues?

    What is causing the performance issues with besiege? At the moment of the screenshot of the Stats I was playing with 2 (big) machines from both about 300 parts with a total of 615 parts. In the editormode i run 60 FPS and when the simulation starts the fps drops to about 6 FPS. Now it has been...