1. A

    Modloader update: can mods simulate input?

    Hi there, i have a question: i want to make a mod for the new modloader, but i didn't find any way to simulate input (key presses). i want to make a binary logic mod where there is e.g. an AND-gate where if key A and key B are pressed key C is pressed (by the mod/block). if there isn't any way...
  2. ITR

    NoteMod 2

    A lot of thanks to AvarethTaika for providing sounds, StuChris for providing models+textures for the Logic Block and the NoteBlock, and Eriyo2000 for additional input on models! NB: Needs more stuff! Post below or message me on Discord if you wanna help! This mod allows you to create...
  3. Lench

    ACM - Advanced Controls Mod [Besiege v0.45]

    ACM allows you to control blocks in many new ways, including with controller or joystick and mouse. It introduces analog input for most blocks in game and enables control of slider values while simulating. Features Input axes include controller or joystick axes and two key axes...