in game bug

  1. D

    I'm hesitant to post this on a public forum, but I don't know where to contact spiderling directly

    I have found a potentially game breaking bug that needs to be fixed before somebody malicious gets to it. We all know that we can name our creations, right? And do we all know how XSS works? if not, check out this video THIS WORKS IN BESIEGE'S "NAME CREATION" BOX if someone clever and malicious...
  2. Tommaso Matteini

    Game almost unplayable after the last update

    as the title says, the game became almost unplayable, the building is impossible, some blocks suddenly baecame undeleatable, even if you load a different machine they're gonna stay there, and when this happens, if i start the simulation the machine is like it was pinned in the air and wont...
  3. T

    Skins and workshop creations won't work :(

    I have tried many diffrent times to download skins from the workshop and no matter what I do, they will not appear in the manage skins or skin inventory sections of the game. It has been this way ever since I downloaded the game nearly a year ago. Up until about three months ago, I could...
  4. wasdlucas

    Bug with mods.

    Hi! I've downloaded some mods, and all of it were working, then one day i've opened besiege and all my mods are gone. i can't acess the console, all my mods still are in the foulder. If someone can help me, or, send me a link to the updated modloader, i'll appreciate. Thanks for reading!:D...