More sounds!

    Id like to see an option to add sounds to blocks, some instances: Motor sounds on wheels, drivable hinges etc. (selectable maybe? Import own sounds, sound packs just like skin packs) Sounds when parts hit eachother (steel sounds, impact sounds, saw sounds etc.) Sounds when grinding/sliding...

    Button blocks and simple logic blocks

    I would like to see something like a button block (or preasure block) and logicblocks in besiege. Button block: a placable button block which can be pressed by anything with mass and then have that button activate things like wheels, hinges, spinning blocks. And then instead of binding to...
  3. Tetuminus

    just an idea, stabalizer

    modder plz make a stabalazier plz plz plz. btw a love the besiege comunity btw my englich suck btw i am from sweden btw bye btw bye bye bye bye bye bye
  4. K

    Mod Idea :Mass editing

    Hello everyone !! I don't know if a mod like that already exists but i would be cool to have a mod that let us edit the mass of any block :)
  5. Signur

    mod requests : few ideas

    Hi besieger, Here's a few features i would love to see in-game. Bomb : - add a detonate button - add viariable strengh (both were in an old mod that wasn't updated) - add snap points - toggle button to disable / enable explosion on contact (bunker buster) Balloon : - toggle destructibility...
  6. H

    can anyone make ammo(cartridge) case mod?

    I think it would be great to make ammo case block. Propel anything putted on it's tip, when primed by shock or heat. With adjustable scale, propelent, and recoil. And can select priming stimulus between heat and shock.