1. D

    I need the acceleration due to gravity!

    I'm the real world, it's 9.8 meters / second squared, but besiege doesn't seem to use meters, and I'm not even sure if gravity is the same. Does anybody know the acceleration due to gravity in blocks per second squared? I'm trying to calculate it for a build, but it's kind of complicated. If...
  2. B

    PBP2 doesnt work

    IDK why it says its loaded because its not. The part where i can edit blocks and things disappeared. I hope you can help me.
  3. E

    Need help finding mod

    I am looking for a mod that lets me place two different creations at the same time. I have seen Dreagast use it a lot so I know it exists
  4. BrickNick

    Steam Overlay help

    Hello, So I'm having this problem where my steam overlay won't open while I'm playing Besiege. Even the tab that lets you open your subscribed items is missing. I've verified game cache and nothing fixes it. I'm not sure what to do now since I can't seem to find a solution anywhere.
  5. magictgboy

    Editing The Besiege Sandbox Map With Unity

    *OK, yes i know this is a little bit much but just hear me out...* I was looking into using unity to edit the besiege map, now this would not only add on to a "level editor" but it would also be a great new mod thing for the modding part of this form. I don't know if this is even possible but...
  6. I

    Help! Please compact this helicopter swashplate!

    I made a functional helicopter swashplate. I can mod but I'm not sure how to make this more compact.(I know I could just make everything smaller but that doesn't help)(I need it to fly) the swashplate could use some refining if possible and if you make one that I use, I will give credit (just...
  7. N

    Serching for clone mod

    im looking for a mod that alowes me to clone my machines
  8. wasdlucas

    where's the rocket thruster mod?

    i can't find it, someone send me a link plz.
  9. DogeCena

    Having Trouble With My Chinese Dragon-esque Creation

    So, I got an idea for a creation in besiege in which it flies kinda like a Chinese dragon. So when it turns the tail whips, but the thing is it whips A LOT and ends up screwing up everything. Everything else, the jaw, the shape, everything works EXCEPT for the gosh darn tail whip. Can anyone...
  10. P

    1440p and 4K resolutions? [SOLVED]

    Where are the 1440p and 4K resolutions located in the settings menu? The game looks like crap on my 1440p panel, as it really isn't meant to display 1080, I get some kind of compression artifacts all over the damn screen. Is there any way to manually change the resolution of the screen in some...
  11. L

    Help ME

    Hello, i have just bought besiege on steam. i watched videos on it, and thought it would be cool, but when i click play, a window, all black pops up for a second, then disappears. HELP ME, i use linux, x ubuntu 16.04!
  12. T

    Hi plizz check out my Quadracopter!!!

    please check out my quadracopter and leave thoughts so i can get better i have 250+ hours on besiege but i hav only now started with quadrotor helicopters Here is the Steamcomunity link: feel free to edit my quad in any way
  13. Sicarius236

    What happened to my mods?

    I was playing Besiege with my mods on with no problem during the afternoon, but when I got home at night yesterday and opened Besiege, the mods were gone. I didn't change the settings or anything, and I don't think the game updated or anything since there's no news posted on steam? I checked my...
  14. jagdpenguin

    help downloading PBP2

    i cant get PBP2 to download it keeps saying this file dose not have a program associated with it??? my other mods work? plz help