1. F

    Is this a bug? Need help please

    So recently I'm making a my besiege creation and I noticed that the bigger the block, the bigger the trigger, but in some blocks, it grow disproportionate to its size, like in this case: And it really messes up with my whole creation, is there any mod or way to fix this?
  2. T

    Low fps problem.

    I am wondering why my game runs at such low fps even though I have a decent system. I read somewhere that apparently old cpus just dont do too well. I found that quite odd since I am running a Phenom II x4 964 oc to 4ghz no less and a gtx 780 but only get 20-30 frames with creations over 200...
  3. I am lombard

    Vintage wheel skin?

    i am making a 1920-1930's car, does anyone know if there are skins for the wheels?
  4. I am lombard

    Weird physics problem

    I was starting to make a machine and this happened... how do i fix this? link here thank you.
  5. XenoDrift

    I need Multiverse Help

    Me and my friend are playing multiverse and when we play our machines we see different things on are screen.Whenever he presses play, his machine turns faded and everything that happens on his screen, I cant interact with or see.Is there a way to turn this off?
  6. MasterHunter

    When's mod loader getting an update?

    I've tried to install the latest mod loader version, but it doesn't work with the current version of besiege. So... what gives? I had to go back an update to install the mod loader.
  7. MasterHunter

    Install Help

    I have recently gotten into mods. I have noticed my mods file only accepts .dll files, but when iput anything else in there it doesn't show up or work. Help?
  8. Ubus

    alternative controlls on a Block

    is there a way to assign two different keys to weels and hinges? even if it involves editing the save file.
  9. F

    When deciding to make a machine with the new Building Tools just introduced, the machine explodes.

    I am very confused with this one as it seems to be a very odd issue without any online discussion. Additionally, the version I'm playing on (0.62.0-7379) doesn't have a steam news post regarding its release. Essentially the problem is this: -When using the new 'Allow intersecting placements'...
  10. T

    How do you remove the world limit?

    I am making rockets and am encountering problems with getting them very high. Is there a mod I could use to fix this?
  11. the_gamers_bo

    help with a skin problem

    i made a obj custom cannon but i have a problem i upload a skin but remain every time the same look here plz help
  12. WillPlayerBrasil

    how i put the besiege in other versions???

    spaar mod loader isn't working anymore, and i need to put the besiege in v0.45a to the mod loader work again, but how?
  13. P

    Friend cannot join my lobby

    Hey, last week, me and a friend played a bunch of multiverse together, but right now, he cannot connect to me when I'm hosting the lobby, but I can join his. The real problem in me joining his lobby instead is the low performance due to the fact that I have a gtx 1070 and he is currently playing...
  14. Hyso2246

    I have a weird problem with my plane...

    I am building my first besiege modded jet fighter and everything goes more than well thanks to Shadé's tutorial of the f 20 tigershark... But there is one little problem... When I try to lift off or go up with my plane, its speed decrease drastically for no apparent reasons... At first I...
  15. Ubus

    helicopter problem.

    My helicopter flies with oppositional rotating rotors, but after a while, they start to wobble until they collide with the other rotor. please help me find a solution. note: since adobe flash is constantly crashing, I cant upload any files for assistance, just download...
  16. D

    How do you get the type of propeller with an attachment point???

    Whilst I was looking through some cool planes on steam I found that some of the creations had propellers connected to propellers. Looking further into it I found that it seemed to be another type of block and that is featured on other plane builds. So I would like to know how to get this type of...
  17. W

    I need help with a bug

    So when i'm building in besiege sometimes the game freezes for a bit and then the brace i just placed change where it went and then the machine duplicated and when i start the machines duplicate parts would explode out and when i stop then the pieces would stay in the ground and not be...
  18. Anamoose

    Help with Skins

    I saw a youtuber change all the blocks on their vehicle with a menu to a certain skin, i am wonder if it is a mod or in the base game?
  19. WillPlayerBrasil

    Machine with modified name

    When I put the machine name, example: PLS HeLP when saved gets a different name: pls-help. This makes me uncomfortable because it seems that the machines are disorganized, please, if you know how to solve this problem help me! ;-;
  20. TheBesiegeEngineer

    How do i tank

    ok so im building a certain machine that happens to use tank tracks in an odd and horribly frustrating way when it comes to building. basically the tracks are similar to those of a scorpion tank from halo but the machine isnt the scorpion tanks but that shouldnt matter what i tried was building...