help me

  1. B

    cant open it...

    i just downloaded the game off of steam and i couldnt wait to play it. i went to open the game and it was shown as open in my task bar and i can heqar the theme music but i cant see or play the game!! im not sure if this is a bug with steam, my computer or the game but i thought that this would...
  2. creapygamer

    I need some help with the mods from the workshop

    the last time i played besiege it didn't have an official modloader and its been over a year or two since i last played so now i have no idea how to use the mods in the workshop... i subscribed to the mods and they downloaded but i have no idea how to get them to work. they are downloaded but...
  3. I am lombard

    Weird physics problem

    I was starting to make a machine and this happened... how do i fix this? link here thank you.
  4. Tommaso Matteini

    NEED HELP: Weightless Missile

    Hi everyone, as the title says i desperatly need help with those missiles, can a faithful soul upload a tutorial?:) Thanks a lot to everyone!
  5. XenoDrift

    I need Multiverse Help

    Me and my friend are playing multiverse and when we play our machines we see different things on are screen.Whenever he presses play, his machine turns faded and everything that happens on his screen, I cant interact with or see.Is there a way to turn this off?
  6. Dark besieger

    mod request / balance block

    I need mod that balance your machine in air when I use Vector Thrusters or Flamethrower Thrusters or even rockets in the game the machine Tend or roll in the air I search for Fix I found that you could with peasants if you grab them to machine but its hard to garb them because they and...
  7. Dark besieger

    I need moded blocks 0.45a

    can you give me links or names for moded blocks for 0.45a ;);) pleas if you care :(:(:(:(
  8. W

    I need help with a bug

    So when i'm building in besiege sometimes the game freezes for a bit and then the brace i just placed change where it went and then the machine duplicated and when i start the machines duplicate parts would explode out and when i stop then the pieces would stay in the ground and not be...
  9. TheBesiegeEngineer

    How do i tank

    ok so im building a certain machine that happens to use tank tracks in an odd and horribly frustrating way when it comes to building. basically the tracks are similar to those of a scorpion tank from halo but the machine isnt the scorpion tanks but that shouldnt matter what i tried was building...
  10. B

    PBP2 doesnt work

    IDK why it says its loaded because its not. The part where i can edit blocks and things disappeared. I hope you can help me.