1. I am lombard

    Weird physics problem

    I was starting to make a machine and this happened... how do i fix this? link here thank you.
  2. Tommaso Matteini

    Game almost unplayable after the last update

    as the title says, the game became almost unplayable, the building is impossible, some blocks suddenly baecame undeleatable, even if you load a different machine they're gonna stay there, and when this happens, if i start the simulation the machine is like it was pinned in the air and wont...
  3. R

    Problem: Clicking Start Game Button Doesn't Work

    I played this game a LONG while ago (My computer says 7-19-2017), And have finally gotten around to trying out the new besiege update... which doesn't work. I've tried to click the link on my desktop, clicking the start game button on steam, and it just... Doesn't do anything. No error messages...
  4. W

    I need help with a bug

    So when i'm building in besiege sometimes the game freezes for a bit and then the brace i just placed change where it went and then the machine duplicated and when i start the machines duplicate parts would explode out and when i stop then the pieces would stay in the ground and not be...
  5. L

    Besiege doesn't register clicks

    For some reason no-body else has had this problem, and i cant find anything on the internet either. After i was messing around with the no bounds mod, i set a explosive bombs thrust to 0.00, and it completely broke my game! I tried re-installing it multiple times on steam, but when i launched...