1. SourceOfDeath

    Bolshevik - precise and powerful reloadable rubber gun

    Bolshevik - reloadable rubber gun, precise and powerful. 11 fireballs. Driving like car (up, down, left, right), aiming (Num 2, Num 4, Num 6, Num 8), aiming camera - Num 5, Enter - shoot, R - reload. Video with description of working principles and typical usage: Download by external link...
  2. CashAkDude

    F-24 Fighter Jet

    This is my newest jet, the F-24. --Controls-- Roll-F/H Pitch-T/G (Yaw not implemented) Landing Gear-N/M Cameras Cockpit-1 Third Person-2 Landing Gear-3 Facing Plane-4 Missiles Left-5 Right-6 Crossbow Machine Guns-(,) to fire <INFINITE AMMO RECOMMENDED> Mods Required to run Vector...
  3. L

    Working gun W/ Shell eject *Help Needed*

    I have worked around half a year with working shell ejecting gun. And i really think i am first with knockback working ejection. i am not good doing real looking builds so if someone could make real looking frame/body for this gun mechanism. Instructions: First off if you share this just please...