1. Ross

    Glitches: Zone 50, Vacuum, Flying Spiral

    In Zone 50 Ambush, an enemy falls off the top ledge and onto the ground at the start of the simulation. I show this at 4:42 in the first video. The vacuum stops working if an object it's attracting disappears. I demo this at 5:09 in the first video. If you stop holding the flying spiral...
  2. Ross

    Rapid loop timer on wheel locks up game in v1.02

    I attached a simple demo machine. When you press "B" to start the timer, it's supposed to tap the forward button on the wheel every 0.01 seconds, but it quickly freezes the game. It didn't do this in v1.01. If you set the timer to work every 1.00 second instead, it doesn't lock up the game...
  3. Ross

    "The Social One" Glitch

    The number of servers joined resets to zero. I'm not sure exactly what conditions cause it to reset, but my number doesn't stay greater than zero for long. It might be every time the game is restarted.
  4. Ross

    v0.70 doesn't read very old machine files correctly.

    I noticed this with my Plane Vanilla machine, which I built in v0.01. If you try to load it in the new v0.70, it shows up with the flying spirals and grabber missing. I tried it with other machines I built in v0.01, and the pattern seems to be that blocks with buttons mapped to them are...
  5. S

    Brace craziness and exploding machine?!

    So I was building a Mac truck and decided to make sure it fit my other truck trailers. I loaded up the other pc and as soon as I pressed play on my Mac truck BOOM it exploded into a million pieces, some components flew so far they hit the outer boundary!. I restarted the game and this problem...
  6. N

    Online Spring Compression Bug

    When playing Multiverse and joining a server, being someone who joins a server, if you have a device that spins springs around a wheel, or other spinning blocks, instead of the spring extending out because of the weight , it contracts inwards, this only works when in the "Gamemode" when...
  7. L

    Besiege doesn't register clicks

    For some reason no-body else has had this problem, and i cant find anything on the internet either. After i was messing around with the no bounds mod, i set a explosive bombs thrust to 0.00, and it completely broke my game! I tried re-installing it multiple times on steam, but when i launched...
  8. M

    Camera and game breaking glitch

    The game will start to not let me move the camera and would start duplicating blocks and will dupe any pinned blocks if you release them. It will also not move the original creation or delete the duped one. It also starts to do it exponentially more.