1. M

    Glitchy Gears

    So, I was experimenting with some high-speed engines (The gears get a revolution per second at 1% speed), and they're breaking because the teeth of the gears are glitching into each other as they turn. Does anyone know any fixes for this?
  2. E

    Building A Real-Time Clock: Help needed in gear reduction

    I just bought Besiege a week ago after trying it out through my friend's steam. Not wanting to start off small I went and built an Ackerman steering car with suspension and returnable steering and now I wanted to try and build a real-time clock after reading this guide...
  3. L

    Chains for gears

    Maybe it has been talked about already, but having chains added would be pretty cool. Can be connected to gears etc and be used as tracks or other ideas. On mobile ATM, so sorry if already asked.