1. superWither123

    Attack Plane

    This is one of the vehicles that I build, it's simply an airplane. You can control it with the keys: Right Ctrl key: start engine. Up arrow: fly down. Down arrow: Fly up. Right arrow: turn right. Left arrow: turn left. Num1 key: flipped left. Num2 key: flipped right. Num4 key: drop bombs on the...
  2. M

    Anglometer working incorrectly.

    As the title implies, the anglometer is behaving curiously. It seems that at certain altitudes, or far enough away from the center of the map, it starts acting erratically, spinning 180 degrees, displaying the wrong facing, etc. At points, every flying block dictating roll and pitch would...
  3. SourceOfDeath

    War balloon

    I invent simple heavy war balloon. It can carry 16 bombs, no mods, no God tools, no bullshit. It looks not so cool: But it fly fast and can avoid archers. Driving is comfortable and simple - just cursor keys. Special camera to aiming. link to video Download and try...
  4. UltimoOrc127

    Missile going from any directions(any possible fix?)

    recently i made a missile but seems there is a problem , it flies from anywhere is there any possible fix to fly it smoothly to a one direction like a real ones? (bad eng sryy) FILE: img:
  5. Scop

    21 BOMB perfect fly DRONE designed for multiverse

    it's basically a drone with 21 shots or 20 shots and a kamikaze ending! except for the spy-cam's baloons the entire machine can fly over the freezing limit. campaign legal. Some statistics: SPEED 7/10 STABILITY 10/10 AMMO (bombs) 21 DIFFICULTY...
  6. S

    Flying block insertion bug, again...

    Depending on the order of placement you can sometimes insert blocks into flying blocks. Grabbers don't grab the part of the flying block that you can insert other blocks into if you place the flying block first. I would really like to know what here is the bug and what is intended so I can...
  7. N

    Flying engine

    Hi there ! I'm new to the world of besiege, and I found recently a basic tutorial on flying engine. It is composed of four propellers on one powered wheel. Everything is fine. But then, he uses the editing tool mod to modify the rotation of the propellers and it changes the power of the engine...
  8. S

    Flying block insertion bug

    v0.045 from both mac and windows, I can't find motivation to improve my flying machines since I found that there are lots of issues with the Flying block: You can't place it ditectly next to another block while you CAN place a block directly next to the flying block if you put down the Flying...
  9. G

    Gaxx Tower Defense Level 1: Sky Pirates

    "Sky Pirates have been spotted over the peasant village! Shoot them down before they destroy the tower or escape over the hills." Mini game Win condition: Destroy the pirate ship. It's considered destroyed when it stops shooting. Lose condition A: Center tower is destroyed Lose condition B...
  10. L

    Easy to fly Quadcopter /W auto stabilisation

    Well... It's a quadcopter. It is very stable and and easy to fly. It is also very durable, you can fly with half of the rotors broken without a problem. Controls: - Arrows = Roll, Pitch - Z & X = Yaw - Left Shift & - Control. =Up & Down PS. Id like to see you guys weaponise this thing :D
  11. DogeCena

    UEF Tier 2 Gunship - The Stinger

    The Stinger is a hovering gunship from the Supreme Commander/Supreme Commander Forged Alliance RTS. It belongs to one of the four factions, the UEF. It is equipped with a Hell's Fury Riot Gun and does not do splash damage, however it is very effective against single target and is often used to...
  12. AnotherNoobPlayer

    Sukhoi T-50 PAK-FA

    Alternative control in (bracket) Engines: Right Ctrl (Left Ctrl) Roll and Pitch: Arrow keys ( T F G H) Yaw (turn left/right while taxiing): Delete / Page Down (R/ T) Brake: Right Shift (Left Shift) Accelerate (go forward while taxiing): Home ( Z ) Decelerate (go backward while taxiing): End ( X...
  13. AxeSlash

    6DOF Demonstrator

    So, being an old bloke, many years ago I used to play a game called Descent. Descent's main feature was that the player's ship had full 6 Degrees Of Freedom movement - forwards/backwards, up/down, strafe left/right, pitch, yaw, and roll (this was a first, at the time). This is my attempt at...
  14. kalso_

    B-29 "Superfortress" (With cockpit!)

    (Also in Steam workshop) You need also these:
  15. H

    Created a Stablized/ balanced floating quad copter engine

    Guys, I recently check out the Advanced Controls Mod, using which I've been able to create some pretty nifty flying machines. Still learning how to make smaller and faster planes though( Waiting for flamethrower thrust mod for 0.3). So I'm attaching My bsg file, and would love it if someone can...