1. Ross

    Weaponized Unicycle!

    You'd be surprised at how much havoc you can wreak on one wheel! Steam Workshop: Video:
  2. M

    balloon problem

    you can't put out balloons on fire.
  3. Engine-er

    Oil Cannons In Multiverse

    You guys know about the old Oil Cannons, that drip oil and light your creation on fire in the Old Sandbox? Would be nice to have it back.
  4. ITR

    AntiFire Mod

    Put in mods folder for no catching stuff on fire. Disable mod and reload machine to make stuff catch on fire
  5. C

    machine gun please!

    let the machine gun be made! we need a machine gun mod to be made it will be so great. normal cannons are so slow, let us destroy everything a lot quicker with it!
  6. H

    fire/water/target is invisible

    got myself some problems, even tough i reinstalled the game i'm missing the fire texture (flamethrower, burning stuff or people, torch), the blackening is still there. the water texture is missing (watercanon) when firing, the knock back is still there but the water in invisible. also i'm...
  7. O

    Flaming Arrows

    When the repeating crossbow is shot through a torch or other flame source, the arrow should catch fire. This would then catch the things it hits on fire