1. Engine-er

    Bomb Explosion Power

    Maybe the ability to edit the bombs so you can have certain explosive powers, 1x being the normal explosion amount to 0.1x being a surgical bomb. And maybe the same setting for grenades? Rocket has the setting already, so why not grenades?
  2. UltimoOrc127

    Missile going from any directions(any possible fix?)

    recently i made a missile but seems there is a problem , it flies from anywhere is there any possible fix to fly it smoothly to a one direction like a real ones? (bad eng sryy) FILE:https://www.dropbox.com/s/1sxn74s0v5jhaws/missile.bsg?dl=0 img:

    Exploding issue with grabbers

    I have been having a very ennoying issue with machines using grabbers lately. When it happens: The machines use grabbers to hold things in place and function as the structure of the machine. (Pretty strong structures) When forces are applied to the grabbers or the rest of the structure, the...