1. Veqvea

    Editor Improvement Suggestions

    Hey there, just a few days ago I started playing Besiege and it's awesome! I love how much work the developers put into the game. :) When I was playing I found a few things that are a bit unfortunate and could be improved. Here's my list: - The symmetry mode should also delete blocks on the...
  2. RasselSSX

    More Meshes, Objects and decals for the Level Editor

    For the past 3 days i have been creating a new testing map for besiege that is huge, it has a lot of stuff on it, but the more i build, the more repetitive is the level. I have tried to use all the types of rocks, vegetation, buildings, fences... and its not hard to see many reps... what i see...
  3. Ross

    Color saturation option, Snowy mountain ranges

    Right now, you can adjust the hue of a hill or basic shape, but not the color saturation. It may seem like a small detail, but if you want to add terrain to a sunny Ipsilon environment, there's no way to make the hills blend in with the white ground. EDIT: I figured out that it can be done...
  4. Anadoptedson

    Map editor suggestions

    - Invisible/translucent color options I have many more and will add to this when they come back to me but feel free to add onto this!
  5. Q

    Some issues

    1. Slider block cant be set in opened positшon in building mode, instead of piston block. 2. I noticed that in latest version it is possible to setup different keys (not only one as in old versions) for some blocks in block settings. But it not working when the block has more than one...