1. VapeL

    Editing Mods

    So I installed a mod and went into the Besiege files to edit the mod.. But I can't. The config files don't do anything, and the thumbnails and data obviously don't do anything either. I looked in every file that I thought would be worth looking into, but I couldn't find a way to edit the mod...
  2. H

    Better Logic Editor

    I like the idea that players can build their own levels, but the current level editor is kind of hard to use. My idea is to add a new logic editor (like the advanced building tool in relation to the basic building tool) which has features found in high level programming languages. A few ideas...
  3. Q

    Some issues

    1. Slider block cant be set in opened positшon in building mode, instead of piston block. 2. I noticed that in latest version it is possible to setup different keys (not only one as in old versions) for some blocks in block settings. But it not working when the block has more than one...
  4. Earthsea27


    Godmode I would like to have a godmode that allows you to control knights in first person or 3rd person. i would like if you can swing your weapon if your the farmer or the axe knights. so that if people are playing a war in multiplayer they wouldnt need to make a unit made out of scaled blocks...
  5. magictgboy

    Editing The Besiege Sandbox Map With Unity

    *OK, yes i know this is a little bit much but just hear me out...* I was looking into using unity to edit the besiege map, now this would not only add on to a "level editor" but it would also be a great new mod thing for the modding part of this form. I don't know if this is even possible but...
  6. Ross

    How to edit machine save files

    My tutorial shows how to edit the save files of your machines. This lets you enter huge slider values, change block size scales and angles, map multiple keys to the same function, and more!
  7. CCCanyon

    Default Texture Mapping Files (UV layout)

    For ones don't use a 3D editing software and want to create your own skin pack with new textures. Before I learnt how to use the 3D software Blender, I had a hard time figuring out the where the model maps to the texture image. So I used Blender to get all the blocks' Texture Mappings (UV...