1. Engine-er

    Crossbow Buffs, Cannon Buffs

    Crossbows are too weak. They might have 30 shots, but what good is 30 shots when they only do about 500 damage to peasants? And changing the power of the crossbow doesn't help much either. The arrows just phase through them. Cannons might be a good solution to peasant-killing, but they only have...
  2. J

    Crossbow bugs or forced downgrades?

    I'am noticed that if the crossbow will be with really high rate of fire all the arrows will disappear in mid air. Another thing that i noticed is the limit of arrows that are set on fire after some time. I'am saying that in the begining of the shooting there would be 5 arrows/sec (that are set...
  3. Frostbite-SIEGE

    Arrow despawn count?

    Ok so I'm making a multiverse-friendly small helicopter, with it's weapon being a crossbow, and i'd like to know the math behind the arrow despawn, namely: how many arrows does besiege keep in play before despawn? is this computer-specific (stats of pc change it?) is it changed by amount of...
  4. O

    Flaming Arrows

    When the repeating crossbow is shot through a torch or other flame source, the arrow should catch fire. This would then catch the things it hits on fire