1. I

    Besiege only gives sound but no display

    Hi Spiderling studio, I've played besiege quite a while, left it standing for a couple of months and wanted to get back to it but now I only get sound and no display. The problem: After I press start on Steam it does start up but only gives sound, there is an icon in the windows taskbar but...
  2. V

    Access violation bug

    Hello, I recently had to reinstall Windows 10 because of an update bug (ès-une/817c8c07-a048-4b98-9c9b-0359efb47219 the thread is in French but has a lot of images) and I started...
  3. T

    Besiege wont start on Mac

    late 2013 mac pro Intel 8 core Xeon 3ghz 64gb of ram 2X AMD Fire Pro D700 12GB Latest OS Also tried on Macbook Pro CPU i7 2.7ghz Nvidia GPU 16GB ram 15in Retina Display Latest OS I bought the game today. I have tried everything suggested by other forums to fix this issue and nothing will...
  4. gman4545

    Game Crashes when building a large map

    Its been happening a lot recently and I hope these files can help. It has happend so far 4 times so i thought i should report this. I also cant upload the world to the workshop because its ''too big''.
  5. Louis

    Crashing instantly on startup.

    When i load up Besiege (on Steam) it goes onto a black screen and instantly crashes, i have tried validating game files, opening from the files, uninstalling and reinstalling the game and updating my drivers, it was fine up until the multiverse update. Any ideas?
  6. B

    Can't open game crashes Instantly.

    The game crashed. The crash report folder named "2017-05-18_000000" next to game executable. It would be great if you'd send it to the developer of the game! Don't know if this is how I should report this so Im putting in these anyway.
  7. C

    Game crashes at start

    Every time i start besiege,game crashes.Here`s errorlog
  8. P

    My game is crashing! Help!

    Basically, I downloaded the "Spaars mod loader" and followed the instruction in the "README" file. After doing all of that, I downloaded a mod that I put in the "Mod" folder I was told to create (along with the resource "folder" and the spaars mod loader "folder" that were put in the mod folder)...
  9. DeusExMachina

    Crash Problem!

    Hi; game is crashed lately. İ am very bored this situation. İ did this say . But not cure.