1. Q

    Ballast's center of mass is displayed wrong

    It's actually in the center of block, not on the side (as displayed by the COM button)
  2. AxeSlash

    Various bug reports

    People, please post if you are able to replicate these bugs/have the same issues; more people suffering from these = higher up the priority list it should go for the devs. My info: Latest Besiege ver (0.32 I think off the top of my head? - it's from Steam, anyway, and is up to date) Machine is...
  3. Lench

    Better COM Mod [Besiege v0.4]

    This small mod changes how center-of-mass is displayed in game. Additionally, it displays total machine mass and updates COM on every ballast mass change to make fine-tuning faster and easier. >> DOWNLOAD << Requires Spaar's Mod Loader. View source code on GitHub.