1. CCCanyon

    Douglas A2D Skyshark

    Shade's building something. That plane is a good choice, which makes me to build something similar. Folding wings Variable pitch coaxial propeller enigne 291 blocks Two AoE bombs Easy to fly, easy to land Control: Flight: R T Y F G H --- pitch, roll, yaw L-Ctrl --- start engine X, Z ---...
  2. CCCanyon

    CCC-65 Japalura Attack Helicopter

    Old fashion helicopter built with unscaled blocks. Weapons are scaled. 157 blocks. 4 weightless missiles. Auto stablization. Dual power x2.0 cannons. Controls: Flight: Arrow keys --- pitch and roll Left ctrl --- start engine Z, X --- elevation (flying up and down) L-alt, R-ctrl ---...
  3. CCCanyon

    CA-02 Jaeger

    Aimed to find a better airframe for two powerful submachine guns. The guns are closer to the fuselage than CA-01 Night Heron, so the stability when firing is much better. Inspired by BV P.195, a scale model of a fictional WWII fighter by @brandzai at Deviantart. Dual power x4.0 submachine guns...
  4. CCCanyon

    CCC-61 Attack Helicopter, Vanilla

    Vanilla RTC cyclic & collective control coaxial helicopter. Built without mod and intersection glitch. The swash plate was developed by VermilionBoulderIndividual. The height is 1 block shorter than CCC-48V, looks much better and it's properly weoponized. Block count 166. 2 rockets and 2...
  5. CCCanyon

    CCC-45 Snapping Turtle II

    Stable, easy to fly (balloon stabilizer) Block count 171 Forward flight capability 18 rockets 2 power x2.5 cannons Retractable landing gears Controls: Arrow keys --- pitch and roll Q, E --- yaw L-ctrl --- take off / land (along with landing gears) Z, X --- elevation F, G ---...
  6. AxeSlash

    Coax rotors & torque

    So I've been struggling with this for a while: how the hell do I keep the speed of the top rotor the same as the bottom rotor on a coaxial helicopter? Any difference in speed between the two rotors causes torque on the chassis, resulting in unwanted yaw. I tried using gears, but they just...
  7. CCCanyon

    The Swallow-IV Stunt Plane

    Stunty Block count 133 Well balanced Effective yaw Retractable landing gears with suspensions Controls: Arrow keys --- pitch and roll Q, E --- yaw Left Ctrl --- toggle engine Z, X --- ac/deceleration C, V --- landing gears F, G --- cameras besiegedownloads Steam