1. CCCanyon

    Cat Pickup --- Pick Up This Cat!

    A pickup with cat face. Cute cat face 177 blocks Japanese begginer driver's sign theme Working steering wheel Top speed 260 km/h Control: Arrow keys / TFGH L-shift / Z X C --- boost 1 2 3 / R Y --- camera views Version time-lapse. Also available at: Steam besiegedownloads
  2. CCCanyon

    Cat Helicopter! Kamov Ka-25c Hormone

    Poor-made replica with cat face. Idea taken from eriyo2000's scrapped ka-25. Thanks to redstoneman for helping me over the cat face. Realistiic cyclic and collective controlI. Ice-proof. 195 Blocks. Tough landing gears. Cat face. Control: Arrow keys --- pitch, roll (move around) Z, X...