1. Engine-er

    Crossbow Buffs, Cannon Buffs

    Crossbows are too weak. They might have 30 shots, but what good is 30 shots when they only do about 500 damage to peasants? And changing the power of the crossbow doesn't help much either. The arrows just phase through them. Cannons might be a good solution to peasant-killing, but they only have...
  2. ttoonnyy

    The Devastator - 18 power canon, wheel based turret

    Hey guys, this is The Devastator, named for its high power Cannon, which seems to tear player vehicles to pieces. It can knock the sword, in the sandbox, over the mountain, with a good shot. It can also be killed be its own ricochets from the edge of the map. I'm posting this for a few reasons...
  3. CCCanyon


    This time I build like a platypus XD. It is inspired by Blitsplatapus' fascinating armored vehicles. I've always want my own armored ground vehicle and here it is. I use quite a lot building techniques from Blitsplatapus' tanks and APVs. 200 blocks Power x6.0 cannon Independent suspensions...
  4. CCCanyon

    Full-Auto Bomb Revolver C26E

    4 magazines, 4 x 8 = 32 rounds!! Full-auto / single shot Change magazines with one key Articulated turret mode steering Block count 213 Warnings: The machine will explode if firing while moving forward The machine will explode if there is any lag The machine will explode if the time flow...
  5. T

    Cannon Delay

    Bello everybody How can I remove the small delay between each cannon shot? Can i delete\modify a specific config or need I to install a mod? Thanks ^^
  6. Rincewind

    Bug with cannons mid air

    So i build, a jet that is carrying a gatling gun, that is supposed to fire one shoot at a time. it works fine as long as its on the ground and also works, if i shot the gun once before takeoff. But when i try to shoot the gun mid air, without shooting it prior on the ground, all gun barrels...
  7. kalso_

    Sniper (No recoil!) + Sniper-flamethrower-thingy!

    (Also in Steam Workshop) I just got and idea to build a very accurate sniper-cannon-thingy and here it is! IMPORTANT: The lock (X) needs to be attached always when firing the cannon or it'll break! Instructions: Press Z once Press X once to release the cannon Aim with WASD (Press left shift to...
  8. F

    Cannon recoil control for v0.3 ???

    Hi. Since the unlimited cannon god mod was implemented to the game the unlimited cannon mod for spaar modloader wasn't updated. As far as I remember the mod allowed to control the recoil of the cannon. Now is there a mod to control the cannon recoil, (back push force) in v0.3??