1. C

    Question: anyone has encountered inconsistent lift/drag after copying and mirroring?

    When building a drone/heli type of rotation propeller setup, I found that occasionally after copy paste and mirroring of a complete rotor assembly to a different location, the copied unit would have a different rate of ascend compared to the original. Has anyone encounters this? Now I am using...
  2. M

    Extended Building

    Hello to everyone! First of all, i wanted to say, i love Besiege and my english sucks, but whatever. What im here for is, is the realease of Besiege-Multiverse brought us the feature of editing Map-Things,.. (Scale, Position,..) and this overall design looks like the mods for the previous...
  3. Ubus

    how to build sturdy moving parts?

    i'm building planes with moving wingparts, placed on steering hinges. but every time i try to make stunts in the air, the hinge cant hold the force and breaks. is there a way to make almost rigid hinges?
  4. jnj01

    Suggestion to building

    So, I know there's probably mods for this; but I figured it would be a nice additon to be able to tilt blocks in different directions. For example if you hold shift and drag a block(in building mode) the block will face whatever direction you're dragging. From that block you could then keep...
  5. TheBesiegeEngineer

    Triangular Blocks!!!!

    we just need these anyone remember that one mod that had triangular blocks back in the good ol days of v0.2 and v0.25? we need stuff like that or just a variation of blocks like wood blocks and ballasts heres how it'd work: so you click the block below the little button that appears that says...
  6. CCCanyon

    Symmetry Tool Vanilla Building Trick

    The symmetry tool debuted in v0.32 update is a great help to vanilla building. I can insert blocks into another using supports. It was a painstaking process before. This recording is how I fix the brace overlapping glitter on my SFP-V30 with the symmetry tool. The video editing is crap because...