1. B

    Wrong privacy policy

    While I would never enable telemetry for an EA game, many indie devs take privacy seriously, so I was willing to have a look at your privacy policy when I saw the prompt. Unfortunately, you seem to have linked directly to the PP of the analytics platform you're using, rather than your own...
  2. W

    Unable to connect to Steam service

    When the game is launched from Steam, the Steam screen overlay is available but the Workshop button is missing and the Multiverse can only connect through the region servers. (Same behavior as launched directly from executable) I tried to reinstall Besiege, restart Steam client and restart the...
  3. M

    Reset trigger bug

    When trying to make a soccer game in besiege multiverse, we used the reset trigger to reset the ball whenever someone scored. What happened was that the ball got copied and the copy got reset. this only seems to happen to the host, which makes this bug even weirder.
  4. T

    Level creator: Smooth Ramps are not so smooth

    I've been trying to place smooth ramps and make a tank pass through, and the tank just goes off into the air. Enclosing screenshots: I have also noted that the tracks tend to shape up the same way that the unaltered ramp is. The ramp I'm trying to climb is altered. EDIT: Upon further...
  5. CTMones

    Multiverse Update Bug: Collision box on wooden panel slightly off

    Hey there, I just got the new update (which is fantastic, by the way!) but I seem to have a small issue; my ragdoll machines legs are broken because the wooden panels collision box is slightly smaller than the model now. Somebody in the workshop alerted me that it was broken for them so I...
  6. WillPlayerBrasil

    My shadows doesn't exist, I'm the only one?

    I'm struggling with the shadow of the besiege, I switched the computer and downloaded the besiege in my steam account (the same as before), everything normal so far, but when I opened the game I went to the barren expanse the shadow simply does not appear, although the "shadows" button is on, I...

    Exploding issue with grabbers

    I have been having a very ennoying issue with machines using grabbers lately. When it happens: The machines use grabbers to hold things in place and function as the structure of the machine. (Pretty strong structures) When forces are applied to the grabbers or the rest of the structure, the...
  8. W

    I need help with a bug

    So when i'm building in besiege sometimes the game freezes for a bit and then the brace i just placed change where it went and then the machine duplicated and when i start the machines duplicate parts would explode out and when i stop then the pieces would stay in the ground and not be...
  9. S

    Flying block insertion bug, again...

    Depending on the order of placement you can sometimes insert blocks into flying blocks. Grabbers don't grab the part of the flying block that you can insert other blocks into if you place the flying block first. I would really like to know what here is the bug and what is intended so I can...
  10. C

    Different outcomes depending on speed of time

    Windows 10 i7 Processor 8GB RAM v0.45 I built a trebuchet with a holder containing a bomb, with a lot of maximum strength springs to provide power. I attached some steering hinges to change the angle of the holder on the pole used to fire it, and found that it explodes whenever launched from a...
  11. P

    Bug Report for the last map of island two

    The way I first found the bug was: 1. I used middle click to look around the map before pressing space to "start the match". 2. I started the match and started driving back. 3. Fired off 3 flamethrowers and started spinning around. At this point the tower starts crumbling down from the middle...
  12. S

    Flying block insertion bug

    v0.045 from both mac and windows, I can't find motivation to improve my flying machines since I found that there are lots of issues with the Flying block: You can't place it ditectly next to another block while you CAN place a block directly next to the flying block if you put down the Flying...
  13. WillPlayerBrasil

    Machine with modified name

    When I put the machine name, example: PLS HeLP when saved gets a different name: pls-help. This makes me uncomfortable because it seems that the machines are disorganized, please, if you know how to solve this problem help me! ;-;
  14. B

    Can't open game crashes Instantly.

    The game crashed. The crash report folder named "2017-05-18_000000" next to game executable. It would be great if you'd send it to the developer of the game! Don't know if this is how I should report this so Im putting in these anyway.
  15. A

    No shadows, version 0.45 (No hardware limitations)

    Simple enough, no shadows in any level. That's all I've noticed so far. OS: Windows 10 Specs - Quad core i5 overclocked @ 4.3 Ghz Single GTX 1070 (8gb) 16 GB of RAM How the bug occurred - Just play the game in any way. Obviously, unless besiege is picky with CPU overclocks, there should be...
  16. H

    fire/water/target is invisible

    got myself some problems, even tough i reinstalled the game i'm missing the fire texture (flamethrower, burning stuff or people, torch), the blackening is still there. the water texture is missing (watercanon) when firing, the knock back is still there but the water in invisible. also i'm...
  17. Ubus

    Linux bugs (Maybe)

    So I, as well as another user (http://forum.spiderlinggames.co.uk/index.php?threads/vector-thrusters-v1-1-21-v0-42b-id-790-791.3356/page-2) have this problem: the mod loader wont work, but it doesn’t seem to be a OpenGL problem. another great problem is that creations are loaded without the...
  18. P

    Machine Randomly Catches Fire

    I may just not be noticing something catching my vehicle on fire, but when I blow up the explosive barrels on Ordyce Lode by shooting fireworks at them, sometimes about 5 seconds later my machine catches fire. I am mostly sure that this wasn't caused by the fireworks' fire.
  19. Stellaris

    symmetric construction - ONE side breaks

    Hi Guys, I am quite new to Besiege, but I really enjoy the game. However I experience some bugs I just can't resolve when building. In the vehicle I attached I used a completely symmetric contruction for front and rear suspension. When I accellerate forwards and then backwards the front swivel...