#bug #glitch

  1. E

    Steam Creations Don't Load In

    My steam creations don't load into Besiege after I subscribe to them in the workshop. The same thing happens on any computer I try this on, and it still happens if I uninstall and reinstall the game. It doesn't, however, happen with any other games. Please help... I can't play this game without...
  2. D

    I'm hesitant to post this on a public forum, but I don't know where to contact spiderling directly

    I have found a potentially game breaking bug that needs to be fixed before somebody malicious gets to it. We all know that we can name our creations, right? And do we all know how XSS works? if not, check out this video THIS WORKS IN BESIEGE'S "NAME CREATION" BOX if someone clever and malicious...
  3. S

    Weight Depending on Placement (Bug?)

    Note: The title may or may not make sense, but hopefully the images I've provided will help. When I was creating a machine, I noticed that it was heavier on one side than the other. I turned on the 'CoM' and was going crazy trying to figure out why it was skewed to one side. After making sure I...
  4. Kleis

    Blurry text and menu.

    So I got game yesterday and to my surprise the following issues came up: My screen's native resolution of 1366x768 did not show up in the menu, so i had to edit the config file manually. Still this did not work. Everything looked the same. I have an HDMI adaptor so I can put 1900x1080...