1. Anamoose

    Ideas for Besiege blocks

    1. a option to fill balloons with a denser gas then air so you could have negatively weighed balloons 2. pressurized tanks for lift like fill the tank with hydrogen and if hit by lets say a arrow can explode but provides more lift than the generic balloon. 3. infantry for your team the...
  2. S

    Flying block insertion bug, again...

    Depending on the order of placement you can sometimes insert blocks into flying blocks. Grabbers don't grab the part of the flying block that you can insert other blocks into if you place the flying block first. I would really like to know what here is the bug and what is intended so I can...
  3. EatThatPie

    Besiege: Weight(Mass) Chart

    I made a scale using a ballast and a hinge, and I decided to weigh every item in the game. Some of them are actually kind of surprising... (Listed in order of which they are found in-game) =======ITEM=======MASS======= CATEGORY: Blocks Small Wooden Block: 0.285 Wooden Block: 0.595 Log Block...
  4. S

    Where can I find modded blocks?

    I can't find any more modded blocks, I always find laser, automatron, etc. Can someone please send me some???
  5. TheBesiegeEngineer

    Triangular Blocks!!!!

    we just need these anyone remember that one mod that had triangular blocks back in the good ol days of v0.2 and v0.25? we need stuff like that or just a variation of blocks like wood blocks and ballasts heres how it'd work: so you click the block below the little button that appears that says...
  6. 333akram333

    idea for blocks modding!

    Sorry I do not speak English I use Google translate:( I've got an idea for a blocks modding !;) Can you make block make soldiers Fighting enemy soldiers With you?:eek::eek:
  7. G

    Counter block + conditional triggers

    One of the biggest problems in Besiege is the fact that it requires so many buttons. If you build a machine that has several cannons/bombs/missiles that you want to fire in sequence, you need a separate button for each. This could be solved with 2 blocks. A) Counter Block: The counter block...
  8. TheHOTSHOT_101

    Steering block Modification Request

    Hello, I would like to have the : "steering block" have optional "limit angle" button like the "steering hinge block", if there already a block/mod for it please give me a link, thank you
  9. S

    Level Suggestions

    These are just simple ideas on new content to increase the variety of level styles. The 'Odd Contraption' level was interesting and maybe if there could be something like it with for example finding an abandoned medieval grain silo or water tank were you'd have to go under it and fill up little...