1. M

    balloon problem

    you can't put out balloons on fire.
  2. CCCanyon

    Yakovlev Yak-43 VTOL Fighter

    This is my design of the Yak-43, the successor to the VTOL Yak-141 that never reached production stage. In fact, Lockheed Martin bought the design of Yak-141 from the Yakovlev Design Bureau to build F-35. So actually F-35 is a successor to Yak-141. They share the same lifting configuration and...
  3. CCCanyon

    CCC-45 Snapping Turtle II

    Stable, easy to fly (balloon stabilizer) Block count 171 Forward flight capability 18 rockets 2 power x2.5 cannons Retractable landing gears Controls: Arrow keys --- pitch and roll Q, E --- yaw L-ctrl --- take off / land (along with landing gears) Z, X --- elevation F, G ---...