1. ITR

    NoteMod 2

    A lot of thanks to AvarethTaika for providing sounds, StuChris for providing models+textures for the Logic Block and the NoteBlock, and Eriyo2000 for additional input on models! NB: Needs more stuff! Post below or message me on Discord if you wanna help! This mod allows you to create...
  2. CCCanyon

    Full-Auto Bomb Revolver C26E

    4 magazines, 4 x 8 = 32 rounds!! Full-auto / single shot Change magazines with one key Articulated turret mode steering Block count 213 Warnings: The machine will explode if firing while moving forward The machine will explode if there is any lag The machine will explode if the time flow...
  3. RCrockin/rockyfighter8

    Auto loading tanks!?!!?!!?

    It was recently requested that I make an amx 50 series tank. This tank comes with and auto loading drum mechanism. I have managed to model a magazine for the cannon but my problem seems to be that the magazine for the cannon is to big for the turret. Ive managed to make the magazine have 4...
  4. E

    Questions on Motor wheel

    hello there! im new at game and forum. i couldnt find any info about advanced options on motor wheels. what does 'toggle mode' means? what is automatic? if there is any site or page or even a video can you suggest it or can you tell me about them. thanks!