auto hovering

  1. M

    Anglometer working incorrectly.

    As the title implies, the anglometer is behaving curiously. It seems that at certain altitudes, or far enough away from the center of the map, it starts acting erratically, spinning 180 degrees, displaying the wrong facing, etc. At points, every flying block dictating roll and pitch would...
  2. CCCanyon

    ORC 28 Flying Truck

    It's a off-road truck by all meanings XD I put the VEL engine on a 2-axis gimbal. It flies to the right direction no matter how wobbly it became. (VEL engine v3.5) 180 blocks Vector entanglement levitation engine Self stabilized Ice-proof Control: Arrow keys L-ctrl --- toggle flight Z X...
  3. CCCanyon

    CCC-78 Wyvern Tiltrotor

    A super stable tiltrotor with insane firepower. Self stabilized. 10 weightless missiles. Dual power x4.0 cannons. Block count 289, recommended time scale 60%~90%. Forward flight mode. Control: Arrow keys --- pitch and roll L-alt, R-ctrl --- yaw Z, X --- a/descend C --- start...
  4. CCCanyon

    CCC-65 Japalura Attack Helicopter

    Old fashion helicopter built with unscaled blocks. Weapons are scaled. 157 blocks. 4 weightless missiles. Auto stablization. Dual power x2.0 cannons. Controls: Flight: Arrow keys --- pitch and roll Left ctrl --- start engine Z, X --- elevation (flying up and down) L-alt, R-ctrl ---...
  5. CCCanyon

    Harrier-T --- Auto Hovering Tilt Jet VTOL

    VTOL Auto Hovering Easy to fly Weaponized (4 missiles and 2 cannons) Retractable tough landing gears Effective yaw Block count 187 YAW IS GOOD Please use yaw to turn I always want a plane that has great precision of aiming. Here comes the Harrier-T tilt jet VTOL. It hovers automatically...