attack helicopter

  1. CCCanyon

    AH-64 Apacheap

    A poorly made AH-64 Apache. I name it Apacheap. The Longbow radar is actually a Vector Entanglement Levitator which acts like an ice-proof balloon. Two new weightless missiles (v3.4). It can fly without rotor blades, in exchange of stability lost. Cheap 180 blocks Ice-proof 2 missiles 3...
  2. RCrockin/rockyfighter8

    Hornet MKIII [Swash plate] [Heavy attack helicopter]

    This is the 3rd development of my Attack helicopters this Helicopter has the most a danced devices including a swash plate, front mounted 30mm cannon, 2 ATGM short range (air to ground missiles), 2 ATGM long range missiles, cockpit with a Navigation wheel, YAW rotary, folding landing gear, and...