1. S

    Dodo Gta Sa

    My first attempt to make a plane with a up wing, dont is so good for steering but looks cool, the propulsion is made by 2 fans and 1 blade engine (don't works so good). Controls: CTRL Turns on, ALT is for reverse. Z accelerates. Up and Down arrows for horizontal stabilizer. Q E for vertical...
  2. Ross

    Building a plane in v0.01!

    I downloaded Besiege v0.01, the very first version, and built the best airplane I could in it. The result is a plane that's surprisingly useful in small levels that require precise maneuvering, and also good for sightseeing in new maps. Since I actually built it in the first version, and it...
  3. blitsplatapus (Tankerman)

    Besiege JOTUN-373 Valiant Pigeon

    This is at least one of the largest build I've ever made, which I use a ton of Brace Cubes that makes the entire build so laggy and it was so large that I can't even fly the plane in ordinary Maps, the best map to fly this thing was in Barren Expanse Map and Sandbox Map because there's a lot of...
  4. Ross

    6 Block Airplane, built with the new tools!

    I'm really loving the new building tools, and I finally put the to good use! I happily introduce the 6 Block Clover. Its unique flying character takes practice, but it should be fun once you get the hang of it! Steam Workshop:
  5. CCCanyon

    Reddit Contest #69, Aerial Refueling

    These seaplanes were built for Reddit contest #69 The contest's prize is a 10 USD game on Steam. Because I'm not interested in any other games, I'll buy Blitsplatapus[']], a brilliant tank builder Besiege if I win. And that's why I named the planes "Blits" and "Platapus"...
  6. WillPlayerBrasil

    William Mk.I B (Bomber Jet)/(Bombardeiro a Jato)

    Williiam Mk.I B have 4 bombs with wings and a motor(flying block) with 15x speed,
  7. mohammad(asd)

    Vudos - 17 (Magic) space jet

    hi !!! this is my first jet fighter 3 month i working for create jet fighter after 3 month i can ! finally i can ! i hope you enjoy this (sry my bad english) v and c : gear up and down left shift : start engine z and x : speed up and down 4 and 5 : rockets f : camera arrow keys : controll jet
  8. kalso_

    B-29 "Superfortress" (With cockpit!)

    (Also in Steam workshop) You need also these:
  9. W


    So this is the first aircraft that I made which I'm genuinely happy with. I call it the Merlin because of it's maneuverability. It doesn't have any weapons but I plan to try add on a few bombs. Control with arrow keys, num pad 1,0 for landing gear, right shift/ctrl for engine. Link to...